11 Innovative Ways To save Money On A Tight Budget

Are you trying to save money but have found it impossible? When you are on a tight budget, saving money does not even cross your mind. You find yourself living from paycheck to paycheck. The good news is that you can always find  innovative ways to save money when you are on a tight budget. In this post, you will learn how to save money on a tight budget

1. Watch Your Expenses On Food

You must learn to cook from scratch to avoid eating at restaurants. Buy some simple cook books to help you learn how to prepare simple meals for yourself.

Here are a few cook books you can find on Amazon to help you start cooking from scratch:

1. Eat Shop Save: Recipes & mealplanners to help you EAT healthier, SHOP smarter and SAVE serious money at the same

2. Jamie Cooks Italy

3. Eat Well for Less: Quick and Easy Meal

We live in a society where ready-made food is readily available. This can prevent you from cooking because of the convenience of this food, Cooking from scratch will help you cut your expenses and save you  money

You must also buy in bulk on common staples. Buying in bulk cost less than a single purchase. If you live near the warehouse store you can consider registering with them. You will have the chance to buy food staples in bulk purchase.

An example of such a warehouse store is Costco if you live in the UK.

Non Alcoholic beverages is another area you cust cut your food expenses. These are things like coffee, teas, soda, mineral water and juices. We tend to spend quite a percentage of hard earned cash on these things.

If you are tea or coffee drinker you can ditch the juices and bottled water for tap water. If you live in an area where your tap water cannot be trusted, you can buy a filtration jug and filter the tap water.

I recently bought the Brita Matrix on Amazon which I use to filter tap water. I have stopped using bottled water and I believe this simple action has saved me some money

2. Use Cash Instead of Debit or Credit Card

One way to limit your spending is to use cash. You literally see the money so you tend to hold on to it. Psychologically, you spend less when you use cash

I have found it very useful to use cash to buy a thing. This helps me control how I spend money.

3. Cancel Your Cable Network Subscription

I understand you want to watch your favourite shows, film and football. But if you are on a tight budget you must forgo the cable subscription to save you money. Depending on which country you live I believe you pay this subscription monthly. Work out how much it cost you the whole year. This is the amount you could be saving if you decide to cancel your cable network today.

Here are the few reasons you should cancel your cable network:

  • You will become more productive with your time
  • It is a waste of time and money

You can look for alternative options for your cable network. The alternative options could be free.

4. Do Price Comparison

With most shops selling online today, you must take advantage of this to shop around online.

You can also look for the product or item on online and compare it with the retail outlets.

Before you go out and purchase anything which will cost you a fortune,  it advisable to do your research in terms of the price of the item. Price competition is everywhere. sellers will always offer a discount on the product to lure customers into their shop.

This will offer you the chance to buy on the cheapest price available.

5. Sell Your Unwanted Items

If you look around your house you will probably find some used items you could easily sell to generate extra cash. eBay is the right place to sell your unwanted stuff.

Take a look at some of the used items being sold and use that as a reference for your pricing list.

Go ahead and declutter your wardrobe and home so you can find that item you no longer need. Make a listing on eBay and wait for the sales to come in.

6. Buy Quality Things

I am a firm believer in reaching out for quality over quantity. When you want to purchase, it is advisable to look out for quality. Buying quality has many benefit in the long run.

Here are a few benefits of buying quality over quantity:

  • It save s you money in the long term
  • It saves you time from going out to buy the same item again over long term

7. Live Within Your Means

If you live on a tight budget, it is realistic for you to live within your means. This means you make sure you spend what you have not what you do not have. A lot of people spend more than they earn.

They tend to use their credit cards to help them live above their means. This is not a wise decision especially when you living on a tight budget.

Here are a few tips to help you live within your means:

  • Know how much you earn
  • Track all your expenses
  • Cash is King. So use it
  • Have an emergency fund
  • Boost your income
  • Save up for purchases instead of using Credit Card

8. Use Public Transport, Bike Or Walk

The use of public transport, riding a bike or walking are the cheapest means to travel. It also helps the environment if you are an environmental enthusiast like me.

Using a car will means you have got to fuel your car regularly. You will need to take insurance policy and not to forget the occasional breakdown repairs you have to fix.

All these issues will be avoided if you choose to use public transport, ride a bike or walk.

9. Make Use Of  Coupons

Coupons are a great way to save on your purchases. Some stores give you a coupon if you are a regular customer. You can pick these store card which gives you points anytime you shop.

These are points are then converted into cash in the form coupons which is you sent to you. You can use these coupons to get discount on futures purchases.

If you are on a tight budget try and collect coupons from all the shop you frequently visit for all your essentials.

10. Drink Tap Water instead of Water Bottle

You may not like the idea of drinking tap water due to the area you live in. However, looking at the amount you spend on bottled water, it will be wise to get a water filter jug to filter your tap water.

I recently bought the Brita  Water Filter Jug which I use to filter my tap water before drinking. This has helped me save a lot on drinking water.

11. Shop at Thrift or Charity Shops

Thrift or charity shops are avenues you can get a good bargain for clothes, shoes, electrical goods and many others. Visit your local thrift or charity shop where you live and you will have the chance to choose from the various items available.


When you are tight on budget, you can always find ways and means to save money, This does not imply living like a puppet but you can apply the tips discussed above to change your circumstance and achieve your financial goals.

Are you currently looking for ways to save money on a tight budget? If you answered yes, what are the some of the ways you are saving money? Share your opinion in the comment section below.

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