Top 9 Morning Ritual Hacks

Most successful people we all admire have their own morning rituals which each follow.
Are your morning routines affecting how the rest of your day ends?

If you answered yes, it is time to change direction. You need to adopt new morning rituals that will impact your day. New habits are difficult to learn but the most important step is to start.

In this article you the top 7 morning rituals you can start practicing today to make your day productive. We all sometimes feel our day have not been productive. You wonder where your time has gone.

1. Plan your day the night before

Your day will end up being unproductive if you do not plan. You must spend some time the night before to know exactly what you intend to day. Write out as many things as possible you plan doing.

Prioritize according to the most important to the least important Restrict yourself to the at most 3 things you want to do for the day. This way you are not burdened with a lot of things today during the day.

I prefer to use a journal to plan my day. Choose whatever is convenient for you. You download apps to help plan if you are tech-savvy.

2. Exercise

Most of us have learned the benefits of exercise but it looks only a few put it into practice. One of the tips you read in most magazines also emphasize the need to let exercise be part of our healthy living
The idea of exercise always brings in going to the gym. However, exercise necessarily getting up and heading to the gym.
Here a few simple exercises you put in practice right now:

• Walking

• Dancing

• Swimming

• Cycling

3. Read a Book

Reading for say 30 minutes a day should be very easy to incorporate into your life. A lot of us perish because of lack of knowledge. Books help us to tap into the minds of the expert on a topic of interest.

if you are the type who finds it difficult to read hard copy book the best alternative could be audio books. Audio books are becoming popular among avid readers today.

You could subscribe to this on Amazon which has great resources for all level of readers.
Here are a few books I have outlined for you to look at:

4. Journaling

Journaling is a process where you put your ideas, feelings surrounding the events of your life in a diary. Journaling has shown to have an impact on your mental well being and your creative skills.

Get a diary by your bedside so every morning you spend about 20 to 30 minutes to dump your thought on the pages of the diary.

The number of words you write in your diary does not matter.
Your main goal is to write your inspiring ideas, your feelings and your aspirations in your diary.

5. Tackle Your High Priority Task

Most of your day will be filled with different kinds of tasks. From low to high priority task. Is always good to tackle the most difficult task of the day.

This will also help to avoid procrastination the most urgent task of the day. Identify the three high priority tasks in your day right now and tackle them.

6. Get A Good Night Sleep

Sleep is vital for our health. So make sure you have 7 to 8 Hours of sleep every night. If you are finding you are very tired during the day it is a sign that you are not having enough sleep during the night.

Here are the few benefits of having a good night sleep:
• Sleep makes you lose weight

• Sleep boost your immune system

• Sleep helps you mentally and physically

• Sleep helps you avoid diabetes

• Sleep increases your sex drive

• Sleep wards off heart disease

These benefits of sleep should alert you to make sleep a priority if you want to have a productive day. If you need start getting into a routine of sleeping for at least 7 hours a night, the time to start is today.

7. Feed on Energy Boosting Food

Food is fuel for your body. In order to have a productive day, it is very important to take note of what we are putting into our body
What you put into your body have a significant impact on your overall body. You must avoid energy draining food during the day.

Example of energy draining foods are Fried food, fast food, white bread, pasta, rice and breakfast cereals, yoghurt with added sugar. Some energy draining drinks are alcohol

8. Hydrate Through Your Day

Your body is made of 70% composition of water. For the optimum function of your body, you need to continuously drink more water through the day. Dehydration causes a headache and makes it hard for you to concentrate. Here are other few other signs of dehydration:
• Dry mouth

• Sleepiness or fatigue

• Urine is darker than usual

• Little or No Urine

You don’t have to wait to see these symptoms before you drink more water. Be proactive in hydrating your body.

9. Make Your Bed

A simple task like making your bed in the morning has been found to give you a sense of accomplishment. It also creates a positive mind of state, lowers your stress and this compels you to complete other tasks throughout the day.

In his book, the Power of Habit author Charles Duhigg attest to the fact that daily bed making becomes a keystone habit which in turns impact on all other tasks throughout the day.


To have a productive day doesn’t just happen automatically. You need to take some actionable plan to achieve that. We have looked the at the 9 tips to help you have a productive day.

You need to start implementing these tips to help you make your day productive.
Do you a have a morning ritual hack which has not been mentioned in this blog post?

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